Join the Adventure!


With the arctic nature as our playground and an ancient history in our genes, Æventyr is a locally owned company that offers a wide range of job opportunities within the restaurant and tourism industry. It all started in 2017. Back then our company consisted of two dedicated employees who spent most of their daily work offering seasonal excursions with northern lights, midnight sun and daytime activities on sea and land.

Today we consist of 100 employees, representing 20 nationalities and 10 different departments.  This is something we take great pride in, and we are always on the look-out for skilled, motivated and dedication people to join our team.  

We have great flexibility, and we need both full-time, part-time and extra help employees. With us, you can combine work and studies, or invest in a career with many different options. The choice is yours!



  • Æventyr Opplevelser (2017)
    With the nature as the work arena, Æventyr Opplevelser offers a wide range of activities and experiences where our guests get as close to the wilderness as they probably never experienced before.
  • Stakeriet Mat & Vinhus (2018)
    Stakeriet is the first restaurant that we opened, and are well known for its Nordic cuisine and vide range of tapas dishes. The restaurant is located in the center of Alta, and the ambition is to offer our guest the best Artic ingredients from all four seasons.
  • Gabo Bar (2019)
    A small and charming cocktail bar in the city center of Alta, and the neighbour to Stakeriet Mat & Vinhus. Since the opening Gabo has become a popular place for guests who want to be served something more exiting than beer and wine. Here we serve both classics and creative signature cocktails inspired by seasonal ingredients and we place great emphasis on the use of local ingredients.
  • Canyon Hotel (2019)
    Canyon Hotel reopened in a new and modern outfit in the summer of 2019 and is the first smart hotel in Alta. At Canyon Hotel, we are concerned with modernization, innovation and sustainability, and the hotel does not have a minibar, piccolo or room service. As a result, we offer modern, stylish and affordable rooms, and self-service check-in, right in the heart of Alta City Center.
  • Æventyr Sjokolade (2020)
    A small and exclusive chocolate factory located in the 4th floor of Canyon Hotel. Here Camilla and her small team creates delicious and handmade truffles, caramels and chocolate based on berries from Finnmark and gourmet chocolate from Italy.
  • Alattio Pizza e Pasta (2021)
    Authentic Italian restaurant who specializes in traditional Italian pizza, classic pasta dishes and a selection on dishes that represent our passion for Italian cuisine.
  • Skaidi Hotel (2020)
    A charming mountain hotel located in the middle of Finnmark, where the roads to Hammerfest, Alta, Porsanger and Nordkapp cross.
  • Gargia Lodge (2022)
    On the outskirts of Alta, you will find Gargia Lodge. The lodge is located in the middle of beautiful, untouched nature, 26 kilometers from the center of Alta.
  • Æventyr Wellness (2023)
    A small and charming yoga studio located in the top floor of Canyon Hotell.

Opportunities to grow

In Æventyr, we are dependent on having the right people with the right skills, the right attitudes, in the right position.

To ensure that we both attract, engage and retain a skilled workforce, we do our very best to make sure that our people reach their full potential and that they develop their competence. That means that we are not necessarily concerned with what you have done before, but we are concerned with what you are made of, your abilities to learn, your attitiude and what values you have.

Æventyr can offer career paths both horizontally and vertically, and we are not afraid to give leadership roles to young people. Everyone who stands up and lives out our values innovative, forward thinking, generous and dedicated, and create good experiences for both guests and colleagues, will quickly get the opportunity to grow with us.

Many of our employees have build their CV and career in Æventyr. Some of them have moved on to new adventures, but many of our managers have worked their way up through various roles in our company.